Marie-Cécile Godwin – Design, ecological redirection, art & crafts

Design as an ecological redirection practice

I am a Freelance designer (since 2016) with 15+ years of experience in the digital design industry. My practice mixes design thinking, systemic design and UX research. As an intersectional and decolonial feminist, I acknowledge the political dimension of design and use it to aim towards a fairer world where the living and non-living can pursue dignity through existence. As an environmental activist, I practice ecological redirection. As a teacher and free and open source design advocate, I strive for accessible, resilient and emancipatory tech.

Currently working on…

…giving a hand to Framasoft so they can write their manifesto and better talk about their values and what they do to honour them.

…assisting le CEM into enhancing their learning center, Billie, so it answers both the school’s project and teachers’ usage and needs.

…the new version of which is already online, designed by yours truly and developed by « front-end dev extraordinaire » Martin Roy.

…bringing a use-centered approach to the tailor-made ERP developped by the Infologic team.

…doing a little information architecture and use tests to help Colibris make the best of their future website.

…refreshing the syllabi of my modules for MSc Strategt & Design for the Anthropocene in order to prepare school year 2022-23.

…preparing December calendar pre-sales at Madame Guillotine, as well as dyeing yarn that will be shown and sold at Knit Eat 2022.


Blog & posts

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