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Fundamental Workshop

Get to the very reasons why you are doing what you do and build strong foundations.

I am experimented in running different variants of the Design Sprint: in learning settings (up to 100+ students) or company settings.

As a seasoned facilitator, I am able to handle any creativity / UX design / ideation workshop with teams of any size.

As a redirectionist designer, I can run the renunciation workshop “La Fresque du Renoncement”.

UX research

I have more than 7 years of experience as a UX research practitioner, a skill I added to my portfolio even before it was a thing.

I conduct studies, enquiries, interviews, data analysis and produce compelling, comprehensive and useful deliverables to give life & meaning to data and to drive design decisions.

I support design decisions by prototyping all kinds of assets that would help the team (or any other stakeholder) grasp the problems at hand.