Fundamental Workshop: Niels Rodin

Hand in hand with Sara Thom, artistic director, we have supported Niels Rodin in the formalisation of his philosophie, which is as important and delicate than the rare citruses he lovingly cultivates.

Niels Rodin is a passionate man. It takes just a few minutes of conversation with him to hear more about limes than in several decades of life. He has been a lime and citrus enthusiast since more than fifteen years now, and taught himself the way to these precious fruits. His ambitions are vast: of course he wishes to share his passion and his botanical expertise. He is also on the lookout for new tastes and unique varieties. Recently, Niels decided to widen his citrus range, which he sells mainly to restaurant chefs, by creating new fine food products from his own harvest. Before jumping into the project, Niels wanted to acknowledge the path he walked to create an accurate visual identity.

The Fundamental Workshop allowed Niels to review his professional journey and to highlight the important steps that marked his career in order to invest on them. By using our discussions and with the help of ideation, we defined Niels’ values and unveiled a high, mature ambition which had always been there but never clearly expressed. Niels can now rely on a comprehensive system:

From :

“Quench his personal passion and produce quality citruses and rare limes”


“Rethink culture and redesign farming to build virtuous ecosystems” and “Inspire, nurture and surprise through extraordinary tastes and products, produced within virtuous ecosystems”.

The Niels Rodin project and the associated brand will have to pass a big step and reach a new level of maturity. Niels’ communication will reflect the true ambition of the project which goes way further than simply cultivating and selecting rare citruses.

Sara & Niels are now using the result of our workshop to design the new Niels Rodin identity, which will 100% correspond to Niels’ wishes and ambition to deeply change the way we see agriculture through his own practice.