Mentoring Speaking

Masterclass “Designing networks” @ La Plateforme

Vytas Jankauskas and David Benqué invited me to deliver some insights about decentralised social networks to the participants of design program Social Networks of Tomorrow.

As participants were entering the last few weeks of their hybrid program, I had the honour of delivering the following talk.

In order to assist them through designing a decentralised social network, I have covered a little part of the work done on Mobilizon with Framasoft and took the opportunity to delve a little bit into my design practice and current research topics.

Not designing is one of them, along with the central questions:

“is my contribution valuable? If design is needed, how and when?”

Design intervention spectrum by Marie-Cécile Godwin, 2023. CC BY-SA-NC. A horizontal graph showing a growing shape coloured from light blue to deep red. On the left and light blue side, the first step on the axis reads "Abstain - No design". The following steps to the right: "Delegate", "minimise", "delimited intervention", then "Business-as-usual" on the very end right with the dark red part of the shape.