Lay the rightFoundations

Along my Fundamental Workshop, we will fish out the values and the "why" of your project / organisation in order to consistently implement them in a concrete strategy.

Understand use

I support you through UX research with the right tools to inform your decisions with data collected on the field. I use a systemic approach to help you see the right scope and externalities.

Rethink design

As a critical designer, I aim to put my practice in perspective and create new tools to enable designers of all industries to tackle today's biggest challenge, the Anthropocene.

I am a Freelance designer (since 2016) with 15+ years of experience in the digital design industry. My practice mixes design thinking, systemic design and UX research. As an intersectional and decolonial feminist, I acknowledge the political dimension of design and use it to aim towards a fairer world where the living and non-living can pursue dignity through existence. As an environmental activist, I practice ecological redirection. As a teacher and free and open source design advocate, I strive for accessible, resilient and emancipatory tech.

Current projects

Foundations Workshop

Foundations Workshop

Let's define hand in hand the foundations of a serene communication: values, purpose, objectives and tone of voice. A fundamental and pragmatic workshop.

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Common Future(s)

Common Future(s)

Since July 2018, Common Future(s) is a collective effort aiming at federating designers around the challenges of anthropocene and favouring transversal collaborations.

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Permanency and mentorship

Permanency and mentorship

I am available at "Formidable Local" shared office (Lyon) once a month on a Friday afternoon. Book a slot so we can talk about your projects, design of the self, burnout, etc.

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Latest talk

Forum PHP : design pour des futurs souhaitables - Video

Forum PHP : design pour des futurs souhaitables

On the 24/10/2019 — Forum PHP 2019, Paris


Year Description Links
2019 Design pour l'inclusion
Soirée Designa #1, Lyon
2018 Design pour un futur incertain
Bellecour École, Lyon
2018 Design for an unknown future
TakeOff Conference, Lille
2014 Designer et intégrateurs, BFF
Blend Web Mix, Lyon

avec Goulven Champenois

2012 Design & emotion
WWW2012 - Lyon, France

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