I am a committed designer and favour events and people with whom I share values. If you would like me to speak at your event, I warmly recommend you read my conditions. You will find there my topics of interest, speaking time as well as biographies in several formats and a portrait picture.

  • Design for inclusivity
    Here are the slides of the talk I gave in February 2020 in support of design for inclusivity (in French)
  • Design for desirable futures
    No content yet!
  • Techologie Podcast: > Common Future(s) #FR
    Richard Hanna, host of the Techologie podcast, interviewed my colleague Thomas di Luccio and me to talk about design, technology and ethics. Listen to the podcast (in French)
  • Forum PopSciences — La ville de demain
    Je vais tenter d’apporter une petite pierre à l’édifice de la “smart city”, une petite pierre orientée design à toute la réflexion qui s’est déroulée durant la journée du 3 décembre au cœur de PopSciences. Je suis designer. J’adore poser des questions. J’en pose en permanence aux personnes avec qui je travaille et je m’en […]
  • Interview: “Gone Digital” podcast
    I was invited by Alice Bertran, host of the Gone Digital podcast to chat with her about various topics, from our relationship to Lyon to the Anthropocene, ethical tech and so on. In French!
  • TECHnosterone & UXtrogens: field check