Design work

Here’s a sampling of some projects I have helped come to life.

  • : style guide & prototyping
    Hand in hand with front-end dev friend Martin Roy, I designed a new style guide for the magazine that he developped and applied on the WordPress-based front end.
  • PeerTube: UX Research and usability consulting
    Framasoft has trusted me to give a hand to Chocobozzz, solo developer of video sharing software PeerTube. I ran a UX research campaign made of interviews and interface review, and together with Chocobozzz we ran weekly workshops where we would explore ways to make the software better, based on data collected during research as well … Read more
  • Fédération Française de Ski : Information System redesign
    I have been collaborating with the French Ski Federation since 2019. Together, we work on the visual redesign of their whole information system (with the creation of a solid design system throughout all interfaces) as well as the usability side (with UX research interviews and studies). The French Ski Federation supports 20 regional committees, 9 … Read more
  • Mobilizon: UX research
    No content yet