Foundations workshop : Oppido


Oppido and I first started our collaboration with the aim of giving a "facelift" to their main product, Nova S5. They were facing some trouble in positioning their flagship software on the health institutions market...

We quickly realised that our first discussions around the initial briefing were raising other questions. And we felt that a closer look was needed: the interest of laying Oppido's values on paper was peaking through. During a dedicated workshop, we applied the method that I specifically developped to crystallize Oppido's mission. We went back in time from the "big bang" when the company was created to pin out their deepest values, something that had always remained unwritten, even if perceived by every member of the team. Throuhg natural discussions driven by my questions, we defined their underlying purpose as well as their main product's focus from now to the year 2020. From there and all the content gathered, I drew conclusions that I summarised in visual documents that Oppido could use everyday to reinforce their company culture and drive their tone of voice towards a consistent communication strategy.

Among other acknowldegments, we discovered that Oppido was developping a product that was clearly different from its competition, but didn't manage to make it stand out as such. Thanks to the Foundations Workshop, the team could put a finger on the dissonance between the quality and philosophy of the product and its existing communication that was obliterating all those differenciating aspects. It suddenly appeared that Nova S5 is not "like all the others, but better", instead it offers a radically different approach to information system structure for health institutions. And this is what the company was trying to say without any success, and what it needs to highlight from now. Oppido is now more confident into selling their flagship product to a more focused target, with a clearer set of values and unique selling points aligned with their company culture.


Not only the company has laid donw their values, purpose, objectives towards year 2020 and their tone of voice in an actionable format, but from there emerged a deep strategic thinking. Thanks to this effort of verbalising their company culture, they could throw themselves in an identity facelift and better communicate with the branding agency in charge of this change. Nova S5 now has a new name and a new logo more in line with its redefined positioning.