Foundations workshop : Le Bon Gustave


Clémence Durieux and her "wine detective" team trusted me to carry them through an exploration of their values. Thanks to the Foundations workshop, Le Bon Gustave and its team could start looking for investors.

Clémence is a passionnante being. Her passion perspires through her acts and she would make you follow her ideas anytime. Her professional journey is the reflect of her expertise and passion for wine. While she was developing the mobile app for Le Bon Gustave with Ochelys, the latter advised Clémence that she meets me for a workshop.

I joined the team for an ideation session around their values. The Foundations workshop allowed Clémence and her wine detectives to go back to the very reasons why the project existed. We listed and acknowledged the insights and ambitions which gave birth to Le Bon Gustave to select keywords and fact which could help us further. Around the tale of the project's birth, we linked past intuitions to today's aspects to see where the communication was already spot-on and where it needed to be adjusted.

We then made our data converge in order to feed the Foundations workshop system: "values / purpose / objectives / tone of voice". I went back to my "design cave" with this data and crystallised a solution that could match the team's needs. After a few back and forth with them, we agreed on a final system.

As a result, Le Bon Gustave was gifted with an ambitions purpose (Transform the act of purchasing wine in an unique experience and unforgettable story, become the privileged companion for wine amateurs, be the main wine purchasing platform in France and worldwide) as well as a set of objectives to support them into the implementation of those ambitions.

The Foundations workshop outcomes are very versatile: I adapt the learnings to where the project is at. For Clémence and her team, we co-created artefacts in accordance to their progress within the project. One of them was a manifesto, a playful and handy way to summarise complex values both internally and with clients outside of the company. We created the manifesto together hand in hand, for I strongly believe that co-creation fosters a better assimilation. The manifesto holding the 8 key-values of Le Bon Gustave now appears printed out in the company's office so that everyone can use it daily.

Another artefact was a user story, a fictional tale involving a hypothetic client who would have experienced the services of Le Bon Gustave. This tale was very useful for Clémence to assimilate the newly redefined tone of voice of her project and transcribe it to third parties in an emotional and empathetic way.

When the Foundations workshop is done, I am available on-demand for my clients to help them implement their findings. Clémence and me kept a close contact as she was approaching graphic design professionals to work on an identity makeover. She could brief Marianne Schricke, artistic director at Panache so that she could work on a new version of Le Bon Gustave's appearance. Marianne and me worked hand in hand: I created a new prototype version for the website's homepage, updating the global storytelling and information structure. Marianna could use this work to imagine what the project would look like and future applications for its identity.

Le Bon Gustave is still under a makeover by the time I write these lines. Stay tuned! I will update this case with Marianne's work later on.


  • Foundations workshop
  • Creation of a manifesto and a user story
  • Prototyping, information architecture and storytelling
  • Consultancy
  • Support on visual assets