Expat Heroes


A very personal project where I had the honour to give a face to a "serial expat's" adventure into podcasting and experience sharing.

Personal projects are always special for designers. They need to be handled with care, for they often carry a lot for their creators. Cristina had just made it to Birmingham after more than 5 years spent throughout Europe, between Spain, France and Sweden. A new country, a new culture, and some time for a deep thinking. It's not easy finding your own space when you are an expat or a spouse/husband. So Cristina created the Expat Heroes project to bring those special journeys to light and share experience and knowledge about expatriation.

Giving a face to such a project is always a big step: it's only when their identity appears that they can really be considered alive. Cristina gave me her trust and it has only needed one try to find the right visual identity. I successfully swallowed the project's values and constraints to create an identity for the podcast and all the platforms bearing it.

Empowering customers is instrumental. I wanted Cristina to feel free to develop her identity, so I gathered all that she could need to do so. She owns not less than 30 versions of her logo and a set of easily editable graphics that she can use to create what she needs without any specific graphic design software thanks to a simple Keynote file. With it, every new podcast has its own set of graphics and a world map matching the interviewee's journey.

Small details make a big difference: Cristina wanted that interviewees make the project their own. To do so, I created a series of printable masks that they would use at home to take a selfie.


  • Support the values, purpose and communication objectives definition
  • Define the visual identity
  • Illustration and graphic design
  • Wordpress theme design
  • Communication kit
  • Wordpress configuration and user training


What a delight to have helped Cristina through such a personal project. Thanks to her trust in me, I could use my many skills and support her with my "design of the self" methodology to help her through the setting of her intention throughout her project. And it suits her quite well!