Knowledge transmission is a mandatory aspect of being a designer: to do so, I regularly publish articles about aspects of my occupation, some close to it (logo creation for instance), some more remote (burnout). Here is a comprehensive list of the publications I have issued so far:

Immersion libre

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Finding a new soil for design

After the creation of Common Future(s) and a lot of thinking done in the meantime, it is now time to formalise the pillars of what will feed my personal design research for the year to come.

(Illustration : Elena Koycheva)

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A "tipping point" has been reached. I am giving myself a little break from social media in order to interrogate my current and future use and protect my mental health from an eco-anxiety surge.

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Twitter —> Mastodon

As I am on my way of migrating from Twitter to Mastodon, I have put together a few useful resources for people who are thinking about making the big jump or having troubles getting their head around Mastodon.

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Redesign in the open s01e02

Knock knock... Anybody home? Quatre mois ont passé depuis le début de mon travail de refonte. On ne peut pas dire que j'ai fait preuve d'assiduité. Mais au final, c'est pour le mieux. Parfois, il faut que nos idées décantent avant de pouvoir en prendre tout le sens. Le travail de fond se poursuit...

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S'éveiller à l'effondrement

Un essai-fleuve qui retrace mon éveil au récit de l'effondrement, à la collapsologie et comment cela a modifié ma façon de pratiquer le design.

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Redesign in the open s01e01

Oops, is it April already?

What a month. This redesign feels tougher than I expected.

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Re-design in the open

Follow the redesign of my portfolio through a "design in the open" process.

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Il est temps de repenser notre manière de travailler !

Une réflexion sur le concept de travail et comment nous l'avons fait évoluer jusqu'à aujourd'hui.

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L'UX des newsletters

“I receive dozens of newsletters and I don't even remember having subscribed to them... What's happening to my memory??”
A little look on user experience applied to newsletters, also my contribution to the #Nowwwel initiative (a collection of articles posted by French web makers around Christmas)

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Les gens du web et le burnout : ouvrons le dialogue !

This article follows the two talks that Goulven Champenois and me gave in 2016 and focuses on how to start the necessary dialogue about burnout.

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Designer, où vas-tu ?

Our designers lives are often punctuated with self introspection and challenging of our communication tools. Through personal anecdotes, I invite everyone to perform an in-depth dive towards our fundamental motivations to better define who we are, what we want to say and how to feel better in our jobs. This article followed the talk la conférence "Designer, où vas-tu ?" given at IxDA on December 3rd, 2015.

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Pomodoro et la maîtrise du temps

Working in an office asks to take care of one's body, posture but also mind. Now that hyper-connectivity is a standard, it is crucial to manage time and productivity. I advocate for the use of the Pomodoro technique to better reach this objective.

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La candidature qui fait mouche

Originally published on ThinkInnovation's blog in may 2014, this post tries to give the right keys to future applicants who wish to join design agencies.

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Logo 101

Logos do not come out of a flash of inspiration. They need to convey your brand personality and speak to the type of customers you want to reach. This article is targeted towards design neophytes, entrepreneurs and project holders to give them the basic keys to a successful custom logo creation. Originally published in French on 24 jours de web.

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Trouver le bon cerveau d'équipe

If companies want to remain efficient and produce quality, they have to structure their information system. I wrote a feedback case on how at my previous agency we managed to find the right tool to do that.

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